Fredericks & Mae

Worry Beads in Brown, Yellow & Pink

$ 100.00

Fredericks & Mae is the art/design team of Jolie Mae Signorile and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen. The two met through a shared love for materials - Fredericks & Mae started in the piles of feathers, thread, gold and paper that decorated their first studio in 2007. Their collaborative practice has since evolved into a series of objects for the home, garden and sky. Fredericks & Mae is a material anthropology of objects with confused origins. Tools, games and rituals trace arcs though history and across the earth - we follow these arcs: nose to the ground and mouths agape.

Color: Brown / Yellow / Pink
This Size: One Size

  • Strung wooden beads, adorned with a horsehair tassel
  • Worry beads or kombolói, is a string of beads manipulated with one or two hands and used to pass time in Greek and Cypriot culture. Unlike the similar prayer beads used in many religious traditions, including the Greek Orthodox komboskini, worry beads have no religious or ceremonial purpose
  • Size: 27" at their longest point
  • Hand-made in Brooklyn, NY
  • Wood, pigment, thread

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